Get A Head Start On the Holidays: Timelines For Remodeling For Guests This Fall

2018 is flying by and before we know it the holiday season will be upon us. For many, this means opening our homes to guests. When thinking back to last year, did you feel limited by your space and therefore could not entertain properly? Or perhaps suddenly your cabinets and flooring seemed out...

Three Organization Hacks for Your Next Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Before you know it, summer will be cooling down (I hope) and thoughts will shift to getting the kids and house organized and ready for another school year. As you're considering ways to keep them organized and get them out the door on time consider the storage and organization potential of your...

Special Guest Blog: Foundation Repair Tips Before Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home is exciting, there is no doubt about that. While we do our best to analyze the infrastructure before starting a remodel, sometimes unexpected issues arise, such as foundation issues. Finding out that your home is experiencing foundation issues once the remodeling process ha...

Behind the Scenes of Opening Up Space

Whenever I watch any of the house flipper, DIY, or remodeling shows on a channel like HGTV, I often find myself shaking my head when the first thing they say when walking into a space is "let's just open it up!" The part they don't show you is the work required to make sure load bearing  walls ...

Top 8 Kitchen and Bath Design Elements for 2018 in Dallas

Your kitchen and bath are two of the most used (and hardest-working!) spaces in your house. In order to keep them running at their peak performance, here are some design elements we love to use. Aim to balance aesthetics with practicality, to make your “new” kitchen and bath work perfectly for ...

Sneak Peek Video to Kitchen Remodel

If we have partnered with you before, you have seen the behind the scenes, but if not, this is a sneak peek to a kitchen remodel we are doing. We are currently remodeling the entire house, and there are some unique and fun parts of the kitchen I wanted to share with you.

8 Industrial Design Elements for the Home

Exposing it all, architecturally speaking, is extremely popular. Industrial style aims to proudly display what is often hidden away in other homes. Exposed lighting, brick walls, and piping are core elements of a strong design that can seem unfinished but still manages to create a cohesive look...

12 Home Tech Gadgets Your Family Will Love

Protecting and providing for your home and family is becoming easier every year with new technology. This equipment makes you feel like a superhero and like you are in more than one place at a time. Here are a few ideas to get your house up-to-date and into the twenty-first century.

Taste of Home for the Holidays

As the year wraps up and it is time for the holidays, my thoughts turn towards home and family more. Nothing captures that feeling of being at home with the family during the holidays quite like the smells and flavors you remember growing up with.

Is it Time for an Update?

Styles change over time. For example, an avocado colored refrigerator bought 40 years ago may no longer be considered stylish. That example may be a stretch, but you get the idea. 

Five Features That Instantly Add Glamour to Your Home

Merriam-Webster starts their definition of glamour as “a magic spell” and goes on to explain it as “an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness.” I agree that it is attractive and touches on magic when you really encounter glamour. 

What is Universal Design and Why Should It Interest Me?

In a growing number of our home makeovers our clients are making sure that the design takes into account aging in place. After all, they are making a significant investment in their home and they don’t want to be forced to leave should health factors limit their access. 

EuroTrend: Mixing It Up With Wood, Stone and Other Materials

In my earlier post “EuroTrend: Darker Kitchens” I began exploring trends that are starting to take hold in Europe and influencing leading-edge design here in the USA. 

EuroTrend: Darker Kitchens

Some of our most popular blog posts relate to white kitchens. Our post “All About the White Hot Cabinet Kitchen Trend in Dallas” continues to rank very high in terms of interest and traffic, even though we wrote it a few years ago. 

Five Tips for Surviving a Whole Home Renovation

You may have seen our post “How to Prioritize Rooms to Remodel.” There’s no doubt it can be a tough decision on what to remodel first. Rather than wrestle with that decision, some of our clients take on a whole home renovation. Then the trick becomes surviving the project!

Wait… What? A Brief Guide to Common Remodeling Phrases

Ideally you’re working with a remodeler who isn’t using jargon to give the impression of knowledge but instead can explain aspects of your project in easy to understand terms. Even the best of remodelers (myself included) can get a little too close to our work and use a few terms that you might...

8 Steps for Successfully Communicating With Your Remodeler

Hopefully you’ve read our book Guide to Choosing the Perfect Remodeler and made your best selection of a remodeler that fits you and your project. Now it’s time to get down to work. 

The Year of Bruno

Just over a year ago my wife and I adopted a rescued Bull Terrier. Within a week of our two weeks of fostering him to see if he was a fit and if we were even ready for a dog, he had become a part of the family we couldn’t let go.

Winter Photos from The Transylvanian Countryside That Will Take Your Breath Away

About this time every year, I begin to long for Ozsdola, my hometown in Transylvania. I wrote about it on this blog earlier, about its tradition and its style. 

10 Great Styles for Log Cabins

I recently wrote about popular designs of rustic cabins, and this is a deeper look at log cabins, which are certainly rustic but can also carry quite a bit of creative flair and comfort.

Texan and European Outdoor Fireplace Designs We Love

With fall’s finally cooler weather, it’s the ideal time to gather around a fireplace. Here in Dallas, it’s also really the best time to light your outdoor one. The mosquitos are going away and the weather is not so cold that you need to bundle up.

Popular Designs of Rustic Cabins from Across the World

As you’re working away at your desk, perhaps in a high rise in downtown Dallas, it’s often nice to daydream about getting away to something less cubicle and more cabin. That might include cabins in the woods of East Texas, rolling hills of Texas Hill Country or somewhere on the other side of th...

About My Hometown in Transylvania

As we move into the cooler weather and holiday season, my mind wanders to thoughts of home. Usually my accent gives it away that I’m not from around these parts. Sometimes I jokingly tell people I’m from South Texas. Oddly, they never believe it. So I thought I would take this opportunity of pe...

5 Modern, Texan Dining Room Art Ideas

Many of you enjoyed my recent blog post “Five Hot Dining Room Makeover Ideas.” Here’s a bit more insight focused on the artwork that might be just the right touch for your dining room makeover. 

Five Hot Dining Room Makeover Ideas

Your dining room is usually where people come together, whether it’s for a special gathering or an evening meal. You may have seen our quick dining room designs to get in before the holidays. Those decorating ideas were offered to help make a significant change within just a few weeks. At this ...

8 DFW Fall Festivals Happening in 2016

Every once in a while we emerge from our remodeling projects to see what’s happening in the community. The fall is a great time of year to get out to some of the local festivals. The weather is usually much more pleasant and there is so much going on. Here are eight examples among a wide range ...

Wet Bar Ideas Ahead of Cooler Fall Weather

From hand-crafted cocktails to craft brews along with that latest wine or maybe even some craft soda, it’s all about serving your guests and family. The wet bar is a perfect way to add this option for your home and do it in style. 

Working Professionals’ Top Reasons for Hiring MHM to Remodel Their Homes

As you’re considering home remodeling projects, you have some options. You can do-it-yourself, hire individual subcontractors, or hire a professional remodeler. 

Dallas Modern Design: Pottery Barn Meets Z Gallerie & Sonos

My perspective on Dallas modern design is that it follows the clean lines, open spaces, and modern feel that I’ve written about earlier. Examples include “Highland Park Summer Design Trends” and “Summer Style: The Keys to a Home with a Bright Feel and Clean Lines.”

Highland Park Summer Design Trends

If you’re keeping up with my blog, you’ve seen a number of summer themed posts: Summer Style: The Keys to a Home with a Bright Feel and Clean Lines and 3 Things to Do this Spring for a Sexy House in the Summer. Here’s my take on the summer design trends we’re seeing in Highland Park.

Why the Curbless Glass Shower Makes So Much Sense

Showers can be an awesome experience to either start your day or to wind it down after a challenging day. We wrote earlier about Five Grown Up Shower Designs We Love. Among those top five were walk in showers—and they make so much sense.

7 Home Appliances You Will Fall in Love With

In my recent blog post about “Top 10 Tech Gadgets for the Modern Home,” I touched briefly on the latest in home appliances from the Consumer Electronics Show. Appliances are merging with the Internet and providing the ability to order food from the refrigerator or detergent for the washer. Plus...

Top 10 Tech Gadgets for the Modern Home in 2016

In some of my previous blog posts I’ve touched on a few technical gadgets or options. Less is More: The Craft of Hiding More Than Wires to Create A Sophisticated Clean Space went into light switches, hidden outlets, and raising/lowering islands at the touch of a button. I even touched on tech g...

Three Ideas White Kitchen Trend Lovers Should Know

Hopefully, you saw my blog post on hot Dallas kitchen and bath trends for 2016. The kitchen trends are white and neutral colors, professional grade appliances, and horizontal cabinets.

Five Grown Up Shower Designs We Love

Currently bath remodeling represents the highest number of makeover projects in our design gallery. That’s primarily because bath remodeling is high on our clients’ dream makeover list, even before kitchen remodeling.

Summer Style: The Keys to a Home With a Bright Feel and Clean Lines

Summer in North Texas definitely hits on the bright side of things, if not the searingly hot side of things. But how do you carry that wonderful sunshine throughout the rest of the year?

Five Classy Things to Do Outside in Dallas this Spring

Spring is upon us. It’s time to begin thinking about all the fun things to do outside before the brutal Texas summer temperatures roll in. Here are five of my favorites.

3 Things to Do This Spring for a Sexy House in the Summer

There is much you can do this spring to improve your home for the coming summer. Perhaps a few of them can even be thought of!

Why You Should Come to the Texas Home and Garden Show if You’re Looking to Remodel

There’s nothing like getting out and looking at all the new styles, appliances, and materials, or talking with potential contractors for your home makeover projects. 

Spring Cleaning: Doing It Right While Staying Eco-Friendly

Whether doing your deep spring clean or just the daily cleanse of your home, it pays to do it right and to use eco-friendly cleaning approaches. In addition, using less harsh products can help your beautiful surfaces and fixtures to wear better and look great longer.

Six Hot Dallas Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2016

There are trends and there are themes. The big themes we’ve been seeing for quite some time are clean lines, simple looks, and highly functional spaces. These apply to every aspect of our home makeover projects.  So within those general themes, what are the trends you can expect in 2016 for Dal...

How to Prioritize Rooms to Remodel

I’m sure, just like us, you are coming off the tour of homes you took during the holidays. It was wonderful to connect with everyone and enjoy the food and festivities. Even during the holiday frenzy, I bet you’ve picked up a few decorating and remodeling ideas during these trips. With so many ...

10 Things You Never Want Guests to Say About Your Bathroom

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a perfectionist at heart who is always seeking ways to improve your home, as well as many, many other aspects of your life. Hopefully you won’t find anything on this list that you’ve actually heard from your guests.

Texas-Themed Holiday Home Update Ideas

As the holidays are upon us, you may be considering some renovation projects that can upgrade your home for your guests and family whom will be arriving soon. From my perspective, the best places to focus on are where your guests will be spending their time.

Hot Dining Room Designs to Get in on Before Thanksgiving

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is approaching rapidly. Is your home ready for entertaining family and guests? Or, would you like to change a few things before they arrive? 

Don’t Let it Happen to You: A Collection of Cheap, Poorly Done Remodeling Horror Stories

If you Google “home remodeling horror stories” you’ll find 104,000 results. Add the words Marvelous Home Makeovers and you won’t find any results! We aim to keep it that way.

Ideas for Converting Those Rarely Used Rooms Into Spectacular Retreats

We’ve addressed the topic of adding space in quite a few of our blog posts including master bedroom suites, guest bedrooms/suites, home offices, man caves, and even attic renovations. Those all represent specific space needs for your home. Another concept, and one we like a great deal, is to ad...

Less Is More: The Craft of Hiding More Than Wires to Create a Sophisticated, Clean Space

After you spend so much time developing and building your home remodeling dream, you don’t want its elegance and beauty marred by cables, electrical outlets, or HVAC vents. In our remodeling work, we take special care to consider all the best and brightest ways to craft a sophisticated, clean s...

Getting Fancy: Home Customization Ideas for Your Furry Family Members

You may have seen my blog post about the SPCA NARI Raffle at NorthPark Center. The raffle involved several dog houses made by local NARI members. You can also see our own entry.   From this, you can tell that we appreciate our furry family members. We also take them into consideration in our re...

Why We Love the New Neutral: Greige

From time to time, I’m sure you’ve been on a pursuit of that ideal neutral color for painting a room in your home. No doubt you started that search looking for something light grey or perhaps beige.

Countertops for Kitchen and Bathroom

We’ve installed a lot of countertops over the years in both kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the large sweep of surface, they are a focal point for the kitchen and make up a big part of the look and feel for your bath. So, selecting the right material is very important for your home makeover proj...

Wood Flooring: What’s Hot and What’s Not

There’s nothing like bringing the rich tones, warmth, and character of wood flooring to your home. It’s become a starting point for many of our home makeovers. Or, if not a starting point, certainly an important consideration for whatever room or rooms that make up your makeover project.

Home Decks: Wood or Composite?

Now that the sun is back with us, it’s only natural that we’d want to be outdoors to enjoy the weather. Entertaining friends and family or just enjoying a solitary early morning cup of coffee, there’s no better place than your patio—which I wrote about in my last post—or your deck. When I work ...

Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Patios—Open up Your Entertaining to the Great Outdoors

Now that the rain has stopped—at least I’m hopeful that it has stopped for while—it’s time to consider outdoor entertaining. Dallas is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors, although you do need to take into consideration our strong, hot, sunshine.

Top Trends in Home Remodeling: Passing Fads or Enduring Value?

As far as trends vs fads, the good news is that we’re not returning to avocado appliances. That was clearly a fad as it was relatively short-lived, at least in most of the homes I have seen. On the other hand, a trend is something that has staying power and as a result will provide more endurin...

Green Building: An Essential Approach for the 21st Century

Concerned about being environmentally responsible and resource efficient with your home? We agree with you. We’ve been applying aspects of green building in our remodeling projects since we started in this business. We feel it’s a vital aspect of all home remodeling projects.

Man Cave Addition: A Space for Sports and Friends

The so-called “man cave” is no longer the converted garage with lounge chair, big screen television, and beer fridge. Today it’s a game room, library, and/or media room meant to provide a private space and/or an entertainment space for family and friends.  The Wall Street Journal recently publi...

Sunroom Addition — Add sparkle to your home with sunlight

  Adding a sunroom brings the outdoors to you, while you stay warm or cool depending on the season. They are also known as solariums, sun parlors, or conservatories. Whatever you want to call them, they add some wonderful floor space to your home — space that’s sure to be one of your favorite p...

Home Office Addition: Move Your Laptop Off Your Lap

If you’ve been thinking about adding a home office, you’re not alone. states that the National Association of Home Builders asked builders, architects, and marketing experts to predict the features that would be important to buyers in 2015 — a whopping 94% said a home office woul...

Bathrooms for Guest and Game Rooms

You seldom, if ever, hear someone say they have too much bathroom space. Given that, a bathroom addition can add convenience and value to your home. It can be a great addition to a guest room, a game room, a child’s bedroom, or perhaps a shared bath between two bedrooms. 

Is an Attic Renovation the Right Home Addition for You?

As I discussed in my previous posts on adding a master bedroom suite and adding a guest bedroom, the options for adding space include building outward, upward, or taking over unused space. With an attic conversion, we’re doing our best to take over unused space in the attic and transform it int...

Accommodating Company: Guest Bedrooms, Suites and Houses

There are many reasons to consider a home additon for long-term guests. Perhaps your college-age child will be back for the summer but their former bedroom is no longer available. Or you may be considering having an extended family member visit for a few months while they transition to a new jo...

Planning for Sleep Perfection and Private Space

In terms of home makeovers, adding space to your home can make a huge difference. Not only does it open up additional square feet of living space, but it also it lets you create another part of your dream with very nearly a clean sheet of paper. 

Six Ways to Define your Home Makeover Vision

Our motto is “You Dream It, We'll Do It!™” And it really does work this way. You are probably wondering how best to get your ideas down in an organized manner. Here are a few thoughts to help get you started pulling your home makeover dreams together.

Wine Cellars, Coolers, and Chillers for your Home

Nearly all of our kitchen makeover projects involve creating space for entertaining. A key part of that entertainment is preparing the beverages of choice for friends and family. From where I come from, and I know this is true in Dallas as well, wine is often the beverage of choice. 

Top 2014 Christmas Light Shows in DFW

The holiday season is one of the most beautiful times in DFW with holiday lights brightening the whole city. Here are a few of the best shows in town to enjoy with your friends, family, or business associates.

Buy Your Tickets for SPCA NARI Raffle Going on Now at NorthPark Center

Marvelous Home Makeovers (MHM) joined a number of other home remodelers to support the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Texas this holiday season in a special fundraiser called Home for the Holidays, going on now through Dec. 8 at NorthPark Center.

Is an Open Concept Kitchen Right for You?

Some of our most exciting remodeling projects involve opening up space by removing a wall or two. There are a number of advantages to connecting your kitchen directly to your living room, dining room, or both. Yet this approach isn't for everyone or every home.

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing A Backsplash

According to Professional Remodeler, backsplashes are number 7 among the top 10 remodeling trends of 2013 and extending into 2014. In my last blog post, we launched the Kitchen Makeover Series with White Cabinets, which were number 10 on that list. So now let's dig into this stylish update for ...

All About the White Hot Cabinet Kitchen Trend in Dallas

Kitchens are at the heart of our lives. We spend so much time in our kitchens that we naturally want them to make us feel at home, be inviting to our guests, as well as highly functional — from making coffee to cooking up that seven course meal for a special occasion. So when it comes to remode...

Renewable Resources

These days, green remodeling does not mean you have to visit the salvage yard and have your kitchen look like a craft project gone awry.  Technology has advanced providing renewable resources in practical mediums.  The first material that probably comes to mind is bamboo which is actually a gra...

Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

I always tell my clients to try and over prepare themselves for the kitchen renovation.  The kitchen is the heart of the home even for those that typically cook take-out.  No matter how quick the renovation is complete, it is a challenge to make do without a kitchen.  I recommend to my clients ...

Strip LED Lights

Many kitchens today have the bulky flickering florescent lights under the cabinets that emit an unnatural color and can get quite hot.  LED strips are the newest option for flexible accent lighting.  The strips are so small they can be mounted on the backside of the cabinet trim work, using the...

Bathing Dilemma

In designing a bathroom, it is important to place the tub first, because is typically takes up the most overall space. For those that enjoy tubs, it’s well worth the space, but for those that don’t, is it necessary to have one? Many homeowners are choosing to loose the tub altogether in favor o...

LED Revolution

Six reasons to switch To LED Lamps Energy efficient. They use only 1/3rd to 1/30th of electricity of an incandescent or CFL. An incandescent light bulb loses almost 80 percent of its energy to heat, leaving the last 20 percent for light. LEDs loose 10% to heat and the remaining 90% for light. L...

The Closet's Evolution

I found this article in the Wall Street Journal about homeowners upgrading their closets to room-like status.