Five Grown Up Shower Designs We Love

By Botond Laszlo

Currently bath remodeling represents the highest number of makeover projects in our design gallery. That’s primarily because bath remodeling is high on our clients’ dream makeover list, even before kitchen remodeling.

With all those projects, we’ve become experts at developing and implementing designs that people love. Given that background, here’s our listing of grown up shower designs we love.

walk_in_shower.jpgStay-cation Spa

We really love this spa like shower space that was one of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s People’s Picks. With a great deal of space dedicated to the shower along with a curved wall separating the shower from the rest of the bath, natural lighting, as well as a bench for relaxing, it really fits with our grown up theme.

Tub in the Shower 

An interesting concept is putting the tub inside the shower. This opens up a number of options for improving the shower design and providing a relaxing grown up space to end your day, leaving the crisis-du-jour behind.

Body Spray Shower 

Houzz has provided a photo gallery of body spray showers that use multiple shower heads from overhead and nearly all sides to truly drench your cares away. This has to be a perfect way to either end your day or get your day off to a rousing start.

Two-Person Shower Rooms 

This takes the multiple shower head concept to another level, providing two separate shower heads and controls. It makes for a comfortable get together after a long day. It can also provide a means for you both to take a quick shower, at the same time, before heading off for that busy day.

Awesome Walk In Showers 

In general, we love most walk in showers. There are so many options that can generate wonderful designs that fit your home and your lifestyle. Take a look at our Bath Design Gallery for several grown up shower designs that we’ve built to bring our clients’ dreams into reality.

We hope those examples will provide several ideas for your next home makeover project.

Give us a call and we can help with further insight into how to start turning your dreams into reality.

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About the Author

Botond Laszlo is the owner of Marvelous Home Makeovers. He is passionate about high quality, environmentally conscious design.