Man Cave Addition: A Space for Sports and Friends

By Botond Laszlo

The so-called “man cave” is no longer the converted garage with lounge chair, big screen television, and beer fridge. Today it’s a game room, library, and/or media room meant to provide a private space and/or an entertainment space for family and friends. 


The Wall Street Journal recently published an in-depth feature article titled “Man Caves That Aren’t for Cave Men,” sub-titled “The humble sanctuary of the man of the house gets a luxury makeover.”

From Television Show To Your Home

There’s actually a television show on the DIY Network called Man Caves. Each week the hosts take over somebody’s home and build a room for the man of the house. While you might not be so lucky to have the team show up at your house, you can get some interesting ideas browsing through the photos on their website.

Trend Or Important Home Addition?

While there’s a trendy television show addressing these designated rooms, they are no longer just a convenient way to get your husband’s clutter organized or out of sight. Instead, they can be can be fantastic gathering places for your Super Bowl party or the weekend Dallas Cowboys or college football games. 

They can also be sophisticated media rooms with multiple screens to keep tabs on several games at once, or they can be spaces to show off your husband’s collection of sports memorabilia. Even better, they can serve in both roles.

As just one more luxurious example, the Wall Street Journal article mentioned a clear glass view into the room’s wine collection. When it was time to watch the game, the glass turned opaque and became the television projection screen. Wow! 

My Favorites

I like HGTV’s gallery. For example, they show a small billiards room with sports memorabilia displayed. Or, how about a stylish bar and game room for entertaining friends? 

Another excellent source of ideas is Home Stratosphere and their Cave Designs photo gallery. You can always rely on Houzz to provide some excellent ideas by just searching the term you're interested in. 

Not Just For Men

This type of private sanctuary or even separate entertainment area isn’t restricted to the man of the house. It can also be just the ticket for the woman of the house. There’s a nice Pinterest board called “Forget man cave…woman’s paradise room.” There are just so many options. Have fun thinking how both could fit in your home.

Make It Happen

As with all home additions, there can be many factors to take into consideration to either add the space or convert existing space. Fortunately, with a man cave it’s usually about converting space that already has heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as electrical service. At that point, it’s all about fitting all aspects of your dream into the existing space. 

Give us a call and we can review your existing space, consider all aspects of your dream, and start building a plan to make it reality. Our project may not make it onto a television show, but it will be a hit with you and your friends!

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About the Author

Botond Laszlo is the owner of Marvelous Home Makeovers. He is passionate about high quality, environmentally conscious design.