Behind the Scenes of Opening Up Space

By Botond Laszlo

Whenever I watch any of the house flipper, DIY, or remodeling shows on a channel like HGTV, I often find myself shaking my head when the first thing they say when walking into a space is "let's just open it up!" The part they don't show you is the work required to make sure load bearing  walls are properly addressed as well as any plumbing, electrical or duct work that needs to be moved as a result. I unfortunately have seen the result of a flipper who 'just opened up the space' and ignored the value and purpose of load bearing walls.

This latest sneak peek video gives you a behind the scenes look at a project we are doing where we are opening up the space. I also share some information about considerations we take into account when doing such a project.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes video blogs of some of our projects.

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About the Author

Botond Laszlo is the owner of Marvelous Home Makeovers. He is passionate about high quality, environmentally conscious design.