Three Organization Hacks for Your Next Kitchen and Bath Remodel

By Botond Laszlo

Before you know it, summer will be cooling down (I hope) and thoughts will shift to getting the kids and house organized and ready for another school year. As you're considering ways to keep them organized and get them out the door on time consider the storage and organization potential of your kitchen and bathrooms. By creating perfect storage spaces for all the essentials in your kitchen and bath, you can transform these rooms and their functionality, leading to happier, less stress living. By planning ahead, you can perfectly customize the spaces to fit your needs exactly. Don’t just organize and declutter, invest in your home with some of our best organization hacks.

Redesign the Layout

If your kitchen island is too narrow to be functional, consider reworking the design and doubling the size of your current layout. That way, you can add twice as many cabinets underneath for more storage, a sink, and even have an area available for eating on one side. Having a wider peninsula or island can help you stay connected with your kids after work; they can be on one side doing homework and you can be prepping dinner on the other.

Now, you might be looking at your kitchen and thinking that there is no extra space to be found yet you are still low on storage! Try looking just outside the kitchen and bath to the surrounding area. Is there a deep closet in the hallway next to the kitchen or bathroom? By taking a few feet of space out of a hallway closet, you can create a kitchen pantry. With the current trends of buying food in bulk, adding a pantry to your kitchen increases the value of your home (not to mention adds a hot commodity!).

Perhaps you have a hallway that can be completely incorporated into the design of the kitchen. By knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the hallway, it would open up the space. With a strong design, the two spaces can seamlessly integrate to allow you room for building a kitchen island, which would greatly increase your storage and the functionality of your kitchen.

In the bathroom, redesign the layout to create an entrance that allows for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. The newest trend with master baths is having it connect directly to the bedroom. Linens and towels can be stored in the master closet, keeping your bathroom as calm and clean as possible. By combining the uses of the space between the closet and bathroom, you can create a spa-like environment.

Create Space

Even if you don’t think your home has room for another inch of storage, there is always wasted space you could be taking advantage of. Bathrooms are often no larger than large closets so there often isn’t a lot of room to work with. If your bathroom is low on storage, create a storage area between wall studs that can be used to put the small items that don’t have a proper place. You can either put this cabinet at eye-level or at the floor, depending on available space! You can even place this unobtrusive addition behind the door. Extra tall cabinets could be installed to create an illusion of height and size in the bathroom, without taking up too much floor area. By adding color to the cabinets, it will draw the eye up, helping to create the illusion.

shampoo nicheAnother small way to add more space to your bathroom is in the shower. Add a recessed shower shelf where you can store shampoo, conditioner, and other shower essentials. Outfit this niche with an eye-catching tile to make a statement, while adding another dimension to this small space.

In the kitchen, cabinets can be added above the refrigerator to add deep storage for bulky, seasonal items. Instead of the standard 12 inches, have it extend the full depth of the fridge. For easy access to all the items, add pull-out drawers inside. The cabinets create a built-in look and, as an added bonus, you won’t have to clean up the dust that accumulates above the fridge anymore.

And if your kitchen is full of sharp edges, custom cabinets could be the answer to your problems. Diagonal cabinets are one option. Even though diagonal cabinets are smaller than normal cabinets, they can be fitted with a Lazy Susan to allow access to the hard-to-reach items in the back. Diagonal corner cabinets allow for the continuity of cabinet space, creating a beautiful and clean line in your kitchen.

Keep the Small Stuff Safe

If your kitchen or bath is a bit older, there may be fake drawer panels in the paneling attached to the front of your sink. Instead of letting this space go to waste, take back this area. Because of the sink bowl there isn’t room for a full drawer, but there is room to build in a small, tip-out drawer. The drawers may be small but they can hold items that are cluttering your sink area. For example, in the kitchen, you can put your sponge or scrubber in there. You could even put your watch or jewelry in there for safekeeping while you are doing dishes. In the bathroom, you could store hair accessories, hand cream, or toothpaste. It will keep the clutter down while keeping all the tools you need for easy living close by.

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