Top 8 Kitchen and Bath Design Elements for 2018 in Dallas

By Botond Laszlo

Your kitchen and bath are two of the most used (and hardest-working!) spaces in your house. In order to keep them running at their peak performance, here are some design elements we love to use. Aim to balance aesthetics with practicality, to make your “new” kitchen and bath work perfectly for you.


Keep everything close in the kitchen. Keeping your refrigerator, cooktop, and sink in a 15-foot triangle is essential to a well-designed kitchen. Because your sink is used the most, it should be easily accessible to the stove and the refrigerator, as well as your countertops. Keep your work triangle size under 15 feet and it will be big enough so that multiple people can be cooking in the kitchen at once without tripping over each other, but also not so large that you have to waste time moving from sink to workspace to fridge.

Pack features in a small space. As the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, combining tons of features in small space can be difficult. But, if you have space, combine different features to make the bathroom even larger. Instead of having a separate laundry room and bathroom, consider combining the two rooms to create one larger space with even more storage. And sometimes, just adding mirrors can create an illusion of a larger bathroom. 


Look up for storage. Kitchens are always going to come with tons of accessories and things that we need. Oftentimes, those necessary items we hide away in storage are strangely shaped and need a lot of space, such as crock pots or stand mixers. Keeping those items both out of sight yet easy to get to can be very tricky. Minimize your wasted space with extra-long upper cabinets or with shelves or cabinets above the refrigerator for seasonal or rarely used objects.

Don’t waste space. Make the bathroom even more functional by adding the correct storage where it is needed the most. The wall behind the tub can be a great space to be utilized for storage. Medicine cabinets are also a classic way of adding more hidden storage space. If space on the counter or wall is limited, add hanging storage. This not only adds more room for the essentials, but can add a unique design element that you might not have had otherwise.


bright university park kitchenGo bold. Lighting is one of the most crucial elements in home decor, and it is essential for a well-designed kitchen. Dallas has more than 230 days of sunlight every year, so make sure to take advantage of all the natural lighting! Adding big windows can open up the space and help bring a bit of the outdoors in. When the sun does set, it is best to have overhead lighting to have a diffused light throughout the room. To personalize the space, chose a pendant or chandelier so that people's eyes are drawn upward. Or, you can choose under-cabinet lights so that your countertop is always well lit.

Mix Metals. Create a relaxing atmosphere to emulate a spa through the lighting in your bathroom. In order to be fully functional, put in a lighting system that can be adjusted easily. Make sure to have sufficient lighting to make it easier to apply makeup and get ready for work in the mornings. D Magazine has named mixing metals in the home as one of the hottest trends to try this year. Mixing metal fixtures can add depth and visual interest to a small bathroom. It can also help warm up the room. Make sure to choose one dominant metal in the room so that you aren't overwhelmed with conflicting designs. Chose fixtures with brushed chrome, nickel, or stainless finishes that can hold up to the elements in the bathroom. 

Add Color

Modernize the backsplash. The backsplash is an essential part of the kitchen and by choosing the right one, it can completely change the look. Bring your backsplash into the twenty-first century with a pop of color. There are many options to choose from, including waterproof wallpaper or hardwood. Natural stone is quickly becoming one of the more popular options to choose from and can add warmth to your kitchen. Once you have narrowed your choice down to two or three options, bring them home and lay each against the counter to see which one fits into your kitchen!

Accent wall. Even if you have a tiny budget, adding a new coat of paint can completely change the look of your bathroom. According to Dallas News, adding a splash of color to the walls or repainting any outdated cabinetry is the newest trend. Keeping the coloring light will make the room seem like it is bigger. Or, you can utilize an accent wall in the back part of the bathroom. Adding a different colored band of paint or tile can add a bit of personality and depth to the room, without being overwhelmed by color.

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