Three Organization Hacks for Your Next Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Before you know it, summer will be cooling down (I hope) and thoughts will shift to getting the kids and house organized and ready for another school year. As you're considering ways to keep them organized and get them out the door on time consider the storage and organization potential of your...

Top 8 Kitchen and Bath Design Elements for 2018 in Dallas

Your kitchen and bath are two of the most used (and hardest-working!) spaces in your house. In order to keep them running at their peak performance, here are some design elements we love to use. Aim to balance aesthetics with practicality, to make your “new” kitchen and bath work perfectly for ...

EuroTrend: Mixing It Up With Wood, Stone and Other Materials

In my earlier post “EuroTrend: Darker Kitchens” I began exploring trends that are starting to take hold in Europe and influencing leading-edge design here in the USA. 

Why the Curbless Glass Shower Makes So Much Sense

Showers can be an awesome experience to either start your day or to wind it down after a challenging day. We wrote earlier about Five Grown Up Shower Designs We Love. Among those top five were walk in showers—and they make so much sense.

Five Grown Up Shower Designs We Love

Currently bath remodeling represents the highest number of makeover projects in our design gallery. That’s primarily because bath remodeling is high on our clients’ dream makeover list, even before kitchen remodeling.

Why You Should Come to the Texas Home and Garden Show if You’re Looking to Remodel

There’s nothing like getting out and looking at all the new styles, appliances, and materials, or talking with potential contractors for your home makeover projects.