Behind the Scenes of Opening Up Space

Whenever I watch any of the house flipper, DIY, or remodeling shows on a channel like HGTV, I often find myself shaking my head when the first thing they say when walking into a space is "let's just open it up!" The part they don't show you is the work required to make sure load bearing  walls ...

Sneak Peek Video to Kitchen Remodel

If we have partnered with you before, you have seen the behind the scenes, but if not, this is a sneak peek to a kitchen remodel we are doing. We are currently remodeling the entire house, and there are some unique and fun parts of the kitchen I wanted to share with you.

8 Industrial Design Elements for the Home

Exposing it all, architecturally speaking, is extremely popular. Industrial style aims to proudly display what is often hidden away in other homes. Exposed lighting, brick walls, and piping are core elements of a strong design that can seem unfinished but still manages to create a cohesive look...

Five Features That Instantly Add Glamour to Your Home

Merriam-Webster starts their definition of glamour as “a magic spell” and goes on to explain it as “an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness.” I agree that it is attractive and touches on magic when you really encounter glamour. 

What is Universal Design and Why Should It Interest Me?

In a growing number of our home makeovers our clients are making sure that the design takes into account aging in place. After all, they are making a significant investment in their home and they don’t want to be forced to leave should health factors limit their access. 

About My Hometown in Transylvania

As we move into the cooler weather and holiday season, my mind wanders to thoughts of home. Usually my accent gives it away that I’m not from around these parts. Sometimes I jokingly tell people I’m from South Texas. Oddly, they never believe it. So I thought I would take this opportunity of pe...