Get A Head Start On the Holidays: Timelines For Remodeling For Guests This Fall

2018 is flying by and before we know it the holiday season will be upon us. For many, this means opening our homes to guests. When thinking back to last year, did you feel limited by your space and therefore could not entertain properly? Or perhaps suddenly your cabinets and flooring seemed out...

Taste of Home for the Holidays

As the year wraps up and it is time for the holidays, my thoughts turn towards home and family more. Nothing captures that feeling of being at home with the family during the holidays quite like the smells and flavors you remember growing up with.

Texas-Themed Holiday Home Update Ideas

As the holidays are upon us, you may be considering some renovation projects that can upgrade your home for your guests and family whom will be arriving soon. From my perspective, the best places to focus on are where your guests will be spending their time.

Hot Dining Room Designs to Get in on Before Thanksgiving

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is approaching rapidly. Is your home ready for entertaining family and guests? Or, would you like to change a few things before they arrive?