Special Guest Blog: Foundation Repair Tips Before Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home is exciting, there is no doubt about that. While we do our best to analyze the infrastructure before starting a remodel, sometimes unexpected issues arise, such as foundation issues. Finding out that your home is experiencing foundation issues once the remodeling process ha...

Behind the Scenes of Opening Up Space

Whenever I watch any of the house flipper, DIY, or remodeling shows on a channel like HGTV, I often find myself shaking my head when the first thing they say when walking into a space is "let's just open it up!" The part they don't show you is the work required to make sure load bearing  walls ...

Sneak Peek Video to Kitchen Remodel

If we have partnered with you before, you have seen the behind the scenes, but if not, this is a sneak peek to a kitchen remodel we are doing. We are currently remodeling the entire house, and there are some unique and fun parts of the kitchen I wanted to share with you.

Five Tips for Surviving a Whole Home Renovation

You may have seen our post “How to Prioritize Rooms to Remodel.” There’s no doubt it can be a tough decision on what to remodel first. Rather than wrestle with that decision, some of our clients take on a whole home renovation. Then the trick becomes surviving the project!

Working Professionals’ Top Reasons for Hiring MHM to Remodel Their Homes

As you’re considering home remodeling projects, you have some options. You can do-it-yourself, hire individual subcontractors, or hire a professional remodeler.