Hotel Style Bathroom


Our client requested an updated master bathroom that would have timeless elegance and be highly functional bathroom that was also wheelchair accessible. So form, function, beauty and Universal Design were all a priority.

For this project we were able to expand the size of the bathroom by moving an outside wall that looked into a courtyard. Since the courtyard was never used, it was a great opportunity to expand the space. We further improved access by enlarging all the doorways.

The end result is a bathroom that feels like a five-star hotel bathroom, not a typical ADA accessible bathroom.

Natural light was restored to the bathroom when the courtyard view was replaced, by installing a large skylight. In addition a small wide window was installed above the shower that is high enough for privacy without blinds and brings in the natural greenery of the trees shading the house.

Custom cabinets fill the master closet that completes the elegant feel from the bath through the closet.

The end result is bright, fresh, highly functional, unobstructed space. It has become a masterpiece that the homeowners often showcase to their family and friends.

While the project turned out great, we did face a few design and construction challenges:

  • Carefully removed the bricks on the exterior wall of the courtyard so they could be reused when we rebuilt the newly expanded wall. This matched the existing brick was environmentally conscious.
  • The bathroom lighting required detailed planning because of the placement of a skylight, the framing and the vanities.
  • Reworked all the plumbing because of the new layout. This meant that existing concrete had to be trenched to allow for the new drain lines.
  • Provided more on-demand hot water by running a hot water return line to the hot water heater and installing a circulating pump.

The accessibility and Universal Design were addressed beyond the open flow by:

  • Installing symmetrical His and Hers vanities that are a beautiful rift cut white oak with the one on the right being modified for wheelchair access.
  • Building the shower completely barrier free. It is a roll-in shower that is accessible from two sides with only the small wall and clear glass separating it from the rest of the bathroom.

We were very pleased with the outcome of this project, as were our clients. We take particular pride in tackling a broad range of complex problems and meeting our client's goals.