Large Walk in Shower

North Arlington

On this project our client was ready for a master bathroom makeover. He was tired of the striped wallpaper, aged carpet, and limited storage as well as its poor lighting and ventilation. He further wanted to make sure it could handle any special accessibility needs in the future. Plus, he wanted it clean, functional and masculine.

Some of the key elements we focused on included:

  • Replacing the dual vanities of two heights with a single double vanity. We installed a freestanding vanity to help with the Universal Design of the bathroom, so it could easily be replaced if dictated by future accessibility needs.
  • Replacing the window with glass blocks, allowing natural light to flow through while still offering privacy.
  • Installing high efficiency LED recessed lighting throughout the bathroom.
  • Replacing carpet with tile. Enlarging the entryway.
  • Removing the tub and installing a shower about four-times the size of the original shower. The shower also has a zero threshold that could be used as a roll-in shower.
  • Installing a floor warming system throughout the bathroom and shower.

We faced two major challenges during the design and construction:

  • The client had very limited time to spend providing feedback, picking out fixtures, and addressing other design details. The risk was that we could fall short of his expectations. We leveraged our extensive design experience by taking his brief description, combined with other design elements in the home, along with our experience of texture and colors to create a space that exceeded his expectations.
  • A technical challenge was addressing the poor ventilation in the bathroom. The home is a two-story home. Directly above the bathroom is a bedroom. This required careful planning of the vent routing with minimal changes to the existing structure that still allowed proper venting. Part of the bathroom ceiling had to be removed to route the venting outside.  Then an exhaust fan with humidity sensor was installed that further enhanced the energy efficiency of the home.

This project taxed our ability to really understand the client's wants, needs, and desires and deliver a completed project with his limited involvement. You can see his testimony to our success nearby.

“The name says it all! The work performed by Marvelous Home Makeovers is Marvelous! Fine quality workmanship from start to finish. Botond gives you his personal attention to create the look you want. Your job receives his full attention to detail and quality. I felt perfectly comfortable having MHM working in my home even when I was away. I couldn’t be happier with all of the work they have done for me from custom flooring to bathroom work and numerous repairs. The end results are beautiful!”