Freestanding Tub And Curbless Glass Shower

We like this project from the perspective that without a great deal of effort, like moving walls, we truly transformed the space.

We first created a large recessed niche by installing a header and moving a vent line and refrigerant line that was concealed in the wall. The walls had a heavy texture that we smoothed out by scraping off the texture and floating several applications of sheetrock compound.

We opened up the boxed-in tub and shower areas by creating a curb-less shower with clear glass and installed a freestanding tub. The barrier free shower is quite spacious, while the tub provides a open feeling to the room from the visible floor underneath.

The light minimalist tile work is nicely complimented with sophisticated bright and shiny chrome fixtures that provide a timeless elegance.

We used a rich espresso stain on the cherry wood cabinets to create a nice contrast with the lighter tiles. The dark Kosmos granite countertops create a dramatic effect while complimenting the cabinets and tiles.

Cost effective and stunning. Our client's loved the final look and feel.