Beach-Inspired Master Bath


During our initial meeting, the client presented us with a picture of a tranquil beach scene that was the inspiration for this bathroom transformation. In addition to transforming the feel of the bathroom, the client requested an update that made the bathroom more functional and allowed for more natural light all while maintaining the existing footprint.

As we reviewed the existing bathroom we found the following concerns:

  • The original recessed tub was a focal point of the bathroom but rarely used.
  • The previous shower was walled in with a small door. It had a low ceiling, poor ventilation, and presented a cave-like cramped space.
  • The lighting in the bathroom was not adequate and certainly did not permit the ample natural light that was necessary to reflect the warm beach image that was the inspiration for the bathroom.

We addressed these major flaws by:

  • Switching the location of the tub and shower. This opened the space and provided ample room for the more commonly used areas of the bathroom.
  • Installing a European stand alone tub producing a sleek functional bathing area that did not overwhelm the bathroom like the previous tub.
  • Installing a walk-in shower with frameless glass. This made the shower the focal point while providing an open airy feel.
  • Opening a brick wall to the exterior allowed for a door to be installed to the pool in the backyard. The easy access between the pool and the bathroom allows this bathroom to double as a pool bath.
  • A large window on the door to the pool provides natural light for the bathroom and brings a glimpse of the outdoors inside.

We faced two major challenges during the design and construction:

  • Opening the ceiling in the old shower area revealed HVAC lines. These had to be raised and rerouted in order for the ceiling to rise to the same height as the rest of the bathroom.
  • The greatest challenge was concealing the plumbing for the free-standing tub. The slab foundation meant we could not access the tub from below. A tub was chosen that was flush with the floor on the edges but was raised in the middle. We were able to puzzle the plumbing together in the small space under the raised section of the tub. This meant we were able to keep the streamlined look of the tub without the disruption of out-of-place plumbing.

“Botond has completed several projects for my wife and me. In every instance, he and his crew made wonderful improvements to our home. But this last project—our master bath—tops them all. My wife calls our new bathroom our oasis. She’s right! He has the ability to take the best parts of the owner’s ideas, make them better, and bring them to life. And this bathroom project reflects that gift. His slogan says it best: You dream it; he’ll do it! He has done it for us, time and again.”