Functional Kitchen


Our client's goal for this project was a kitchen that would be a vibrant and welcoming space for entertaining, yet highly functional. Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly were other key criteria.

Functionality is always key in remodeling a kitchen. The keys elements in our design for this project included:

  • Removing the pantry and replacing it with a built-in pantry cabinet that provided rollout trays for easy access to items that would otherwise be at the back of the pantry. We further installed rollout trays in all cabinets.
  • Installing a peninsula area that gives more counter top space, including cabinets on both sides of the peninsula. The side facing the breakfast nook is an excellent storage space for less frequently used items.
  • Creating an oversized recessed niche behind the cooktop, allowing for storage of spices and to have key cooking tools close on hand without sacrificing counter space.
  • Adding a wet bar to the kitchen which provided an opening to the living room that allows conversation to flow through the kitchen to the living room.
  • Installing an oversized built-in wine cooler next to the wet bar.

Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly aspects of this project were:

  • Adding all new energy efficient appliances.  The stainless steel finish enhanced the overall brightness of the kitchen as well as providing a timeless look.
  • Removing fur downs and added high efficient LED lighting with ICAT (insulation contact airtight) throughout the kitchen and breakfast nook.
  • Installing new countertops made of recycled glass with new cabinets that are certified ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program).

There were a few design and construction challenges that we solved:

  • Replacing a broken roof support and installing new ceiling joists.
  • Closing off a closet that opened into the adjacent hallway to allow space for the new double oven and microwave.
  • Replacing improper electrical wiring that we found after opening a wall.
  • Careful planning and work to avoid disturbing the paneling on the living room side of the existing opening.

This project challenged our skills in working within the existing home as well as repairing a few things along the way. It turned out great.