Glass Enclosed Shower

This second story master bathroom was setup to offer separate his and her spaces, complete with separate toilets and a shared shower divided the two spaces. On one side, your first impression when walking in was full view of the toilet and on the other you had a cramped space due to a lower ceiling and narrow floor space. To get between the two spaces a person either had to walk around through the bedroom or cut through the wet shower. This was all far from the elegant spa bathroom the client desired. Despite a lot of challenges that had to be overcome, the client decided to move forward with a complete reconstruction of the master bath and master closet space.

The client wanted a visually and functionally serene space. Beyond removing walls that broke the space up, the natural light in the corner of the room was the other key aspect to creating the serene space. A larger shower with clear glass was created near the window and allows the light to penetrate the bathroom and make the space feel larger.

Instead of the two small closets a large shared closet was created. Custom functional wardrobes designed appropriately for his and her sides accordingly were installed.

Virtually every wall within the master bath and closet space was moved or removed leading to some challenging reconstruction planning:

  • All electrical and plumbing had to be rearranged; some of which required opening up the floor for access since it is a second story bath
  • The alarm system was in a closet wall and had to be completely relocated
  • The electrical chase was coming through one of the closet walls that had to then be extended and relocated carefully
  • HVAC ducts had to be added and rerouted

The client had a specific request to have a large air tub with chromatherapy integrated in the space. This required special considerations and installation techniques in order to conceal the mechanical and electronics of the tub into the floor.

The project had a unique challenge to maintain a sealed off space and need to use environmentally conscious products because the client had newborn twin babies that came home while the project was being completed. Making sure to not disrupt the babies was very important for our client and us.

Now the master bathroom is basked in natural light, calming flow and elegant finishes that both partners can share together.


Milton bath walk in shower