Increased Storage Space

North Dallas

For this project our client requested a kitchen that blended with the warm modern feel of the rest of the house. She also wanted a good place to entertain friends that provided more workspace and storage space.

In reviewing the existing kitchen we found three issues that also pointed us to the opportunities for improvement:

  • The working triangle was almost nonexistent. 
  • The cabinets had narrow openings and fixed shelves which made it difficult to use them efficiently.
  • There was a corner area that the cabinets did not use for storage.

To establish a working triangle we moved the fridge across the kitchen, which allowed the microwave and stove to be more centered. It also allowed the space taken up by the fridge to be used as workspace.

To improve the cabinets and storage space the fur down was removed allowing the to installation of taller upper cabinets. We also installed a lazy-Susan cabinet to maximize the space. We further placed clipped corner cabinets on the corners to provide better flow into the kitchen and still maximize storage space.

Using the same footprint, we gained 30% more storage space.

For flooring we installed bigger rectangular shaped tiles with neutral toned striping that made the room look more spacious. As an added benefit they are easier to maintain.

We installed a custom-designed backsplash that added color and personality as well as blended perfectly with the Santa Cecelia granite, not an easy assignment. We used porcelain tiles with a canvas texture as the base along with a centerline of trim that matched the cherry cabinets. This backsplash further softly reflects the LED under cabinet lighting.

One of the challenges we faced was installing venting for the stove and microwave while still maximizing cabinet space. For this challenge we pulled the cabinet above the microwave forward. Installed a customized vent duct behind the cabinet that serviced both the microwave and stove. This allowed all of the cabinet space above the microwave to be used for storage.

This project even with its challenges, provided our client with a wonderful kitchen, with a greatly improved workspace, additional storage space, and that made a great gathering point for family and friends.