Arch Stonework Architecture

North Plano

Our client's goal for this project was a more functional kitchen for cooking with the family as well as an open space for entertaining friends and family. They further had a very specific vision for an old world feel while trying to be budget and environmentally conscious.

Given the budget goal, we decided to keep the general footprint. This, in turn, posed a few challenges around improving functionality and openness. We addressed these challenges through:

  • Adding countertop and cabinets to the left of the stove to add more working and storage space.
  • Installing upper cabinets with glass fronts that add visual interest, provide useful storage and create the perception of a higher ceiling.
  • Adding arch stonework around the cook-top that created a focal point and disguises the built in vent hood.

The finishing on the cabinets was technically challenging in getting the cabinets to match the client's antique furniture. Perfecting the paint sample and technique to match the furniture took a few iterations of sampling stain and testing application techniques to meet our client's desires.

A further challenge was with the kitchen open to the living room, it was important that we pull the space together by making some minor updates. Looking across the kitchen, the dated fireplace needed an update to match an Old World feel. We accomplished this by installing stonework similar to that around the cook-top area. We also added crown molding in the living room to flow with the kitchen, all while remaining budget conscious.

This was also a very environmentally conscious project superbly fitting the client's request and matching our company’s values:

  • 75% of the cabinets are original or resized from original cabinets.
  • The center island remained and had cabinets refinished and a new countertop installed.
  • All lighting including task lights, under cabinet lights and recessed lights are LED.
  • All Energy Star appliances.
  • Brick and stonework around cook-top is from salvaged brick and stone.
  • Cedar beam above the arch is salvaged from a past project and stained to fit the kitchen’s decor.
  • Existing wood floors were refinished and hand scraped to give a more Old World look.

With this project we were particularly pleased to work within the constraints of budget, environmentally conscious requirements, and building a beautiful Old Word kitchen that perfectly match our client's desires.